Our Story

The ARMS foundation promotes, motivates and inspires the next generation of leaders.

Through sports programs and training camps, ARMS is a community where young children and teens learn values such as teamwork and leadership through interacting with others with similar aspirations. Our foundation forms strong bonds and relationships, creating a larger family that ties its members together. Our mission is to reach out to any young child who aspires to be part of the future community of great leaders

Our Philosophy

The mission of ARMS is to develop and operate programs, activities, and facilities, namely recreational sports programs and basketball camps aimed at increasing the health status of children and young adults, wherever located, and/or benefiting underprivileged, less fortunate, and/or distressed children and young adults, wherever located.

ARMS believes that sports activities and healthy competition are important in advancing the health status and welfare of children and young adults. Children and young adults attending and participating in the Camps learn that physical activity can be fun. The Camp activities foster well-being by promoting healthy competition, physical activity, education, and healthy life habits. In addition, ARMS includes in the Camps educational and life skills programs on topics such as physical fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, and nutrition, among others. ARMS also provides coaching, mentoring, training, and instructing in connection with the Camps. ARMS forms strong bonds and relationships between Camp participants, creating a larger family that ties its members together.

About Kent

ARMS foundation was created by Kent Bazemore originally as a way for him to give back to the community. It was Kent's hard work and dedication that got him where he is today, and he continues to work hard doing what he loves most, playing basketball. Having experienced the joy and fulfillment he received from playing sports alongside world star players, Kent ultimately wanted to offer a place to kids where they could also have the same experience, where they could carve their own paths and define their own success. Today, ARMS foundation is a reflection of Kent's own experiences and philosophies, and it continues to grow into a haven for children of all ages to build relationships, gain confidence, and most importantly, play basketball.