ARMS Foundation

Kent Bazemore grew up in a small town in Kelford, NC with a population of around 300 people. Its size meant that the community was closely connected. The small size of the community also meant that resources were limited – there was one park in the town, which became a center of activity and fun. Kent’s family didn’t have a lot when he was growing up. The one park provided he and his friends an opportunity to play and provided Kent with an introduction to his passion of basketball.


Education was very important to Kent and his family. Growing up in a rural community meant that the resources available for his education were modest. He learned early on how a lack of privilege can affect your life’s outcomes. It became clear to him that education was a pathway to future success and stability.


Raised by parents that invested in the community and were dedicated to helping others, Bazemore established the ARMS Foundation in 2012. Launching the foundation was a vital operation for Bazemore once he started his NBA career. The foundation remains a priority for him as the founder and active participant in strategy, innovation and decision-making.

The ARMS Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that exists to invest in youth, inspiring them to achieve their dreams and seeding programming that drives those dreams to becoming reality. This is achieved through engaging programming, unique and strategic partnerships, and decisive investments that foster youth opportunity and success.


Kent sees the Foundation as a long-term project. He wants it to outlast his career in the League and be a major focus of his work in the future. Its work can be central to Kent’s long-term legacy.

The ARMS Foundation embodies four core values:


  • Aspiration: The power of dreams. The ARMS foundation works to ensure young people believe in accomplishing their dreams and understanding their power and ability to achieve greatness.
  • Resilience: The ARMS Foundation believes that working through obstacles and roadblocks strengthens character and equips people with the skills they need to persist and succeed. From his career Kent knows that life changes can happen fast and that people need to be equipped and prepared for rapid change.
  • Motivation: The ARMS Foundation believes that hard work and persistence allow you to achieve excellence. We work to ensure that young people are motivated to be the best they can be and recognize that greatness can be accomplished by those who seek diligently and work for it.
  • Success: Striving for success is vital for overcoming obstacles and being the best version of yourself you can be. The ARMS Foundation provides opportunities for young people to be encouraged to thrive and accomplish their highest point of success.

Vision and Purpose
The ARMS Foundation works to equip young people with the educational and personal skills that are required for success. We work to facilitate opportunities for young people to pursue educational excellence, exposure to careers in technology, and the pursuit of healthy lifestyles with proper nutrition and diet.


Core Priorities
To achieve its vision, the Foundation embraces work in four priority areas, with a focus on building community and supporting young people from middle school through high school.

  • Education: The Foundation supports organizations that work to ensure that young people receive an education that will prepare them for the future. In particular, the foundation is interested in preparing young people to pursue educational excellence in junior and high schools in ways that will prepare them for higher education and/or careers. Kent has expressed interesting in supporting his own academy.
  • Technology: Skill with technology is required for success in today’s workforce. It helps young people navigate the world as it is. The Foundation seeks to create opportunities for young people to interact with and master the various technologies that dominate our daily lives.
  • Nutrition: Kent comes from a community that has been plagued by health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. These issues have affected Kent’s family directly. The Foundation supports efforts to promote proper nutrition, especially in young people, and to promote healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercise.


The Foundation’s efforts will be primarily concentrated in Atlanta, where Kent currently lives and works. It will also work to support his college community (Old Dominion University in Virginia) and his hometown (Kelford, in rural North Carolina). Over time, Kent aspires for the Foundation to have a regional and National impact.

Programming geared towards youths 

ARMS Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Program
According to the U. S. Department of Commerce, STEM occupations continue to grow dramatically over other occupations. STEM degree holders earn a higher income even in non-STEM careers. Despite these compelling facts, math and science scores among students in the U.S. are lagging behind other developing countries with students in disenfranchised communities significantly in the rear. The ARMS Foundation has a commitment to addressing this issue through investing in quality and research-based technology and programs.



  • SXSW scholarship program – students from Old Dominion University and Winston-Salem State University receive travel, room and board, and all needed services to attend South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. This enables student to learn more about technology companies, gain insight on various industry norms, also interview for internships and career opportunities.
  • Elementary school Robotics Boards – In partnership with Comcast Cares, Robotics boards are provided for public elementary schools. This investment that has provided opportunities for STEM learning and impacted 1151 students.
  • Program expansion through future partnerships – As the foundation continues to thrive, collaboration and coordination with existing and new partners is vital to seeing more program impact. Additional robotics boards in schools requires nurturing current partner relationships and gaining new partner relationships.


499 Program
According to SportsBusiness Journal, the sports industry is one of the largest industries in the United States, sports business is estimated to be $213-billion annually. The most forward-facing individuals of the sports industry are the athletes who compete, yet they are only a small percentage of the individuals who fuel the sports organizations they represent.

The 499 program encourages students to develop an understanding of various career roles in Sports. Students walk away from the experience with an enhanced understanding of how they can be playmakers in the business of basketball through a host of careers on and off the court.



  • Continued expansion of the 499 program
  • Seeking new partners to impact more students and student athletes


4H Support
As a product of 4H, Kent Bazemore has a passion for emboldening students involved. Bazemore has created special experiences and investments in 4H programs both in Atlanta and his hometown of Kelford, NC.



  • Providing 4H students with an all-expense paid trip to summer camp including all camping needs, supplies and essentials.
  • Providing 4H students with special activities including movie screenings, in-game experiences, and individual engagement with Kent.


School Resources
Each year, more and more elementary and middle school students start the school year with less than enough supplies to study and thrive. Each year the ARMS Foundation fills this gap by providing school supplies and resources to several schools


  • Corporate partnerships to enhance the supplies provided to students
  • Increased donor support to provide educational items such as tablets and workbooks to support students’ academic progress and cognitive development.


For Bazemore’s commitment to the community, the ARMS Foundation has been recognized for the following awards:


The President’s Volunteer Service Award (2017):  Recognizing United States citizens who have achieved the required number of hours of service over a 12-month time period or cumulative hours over the course of a lifetime.


National 4-H Council Legacy Award (2017): Honoring the remarkable achievements of individuals that have made lasting contributions in support of the seven million 4-H young people around the world.


Atlanta Phoenix Award (2017): The Mayor bestowed Kent the highest honor possible to an individual in recognition of his achievements, significant contributions and service to the City of Atlanta.


Fulton County Georgia Proclamation (2017): The Board of Commissioners of Fulton County honored Kent for his continued athletic excellence and his work with young people in Fulton County. They proclaimed June 28, 2017, as “KENT BAZEMORE DAY” in Fulton County, Georgia.


City of Atlanta Proclamation (2017): The City of Atlanta honored Kent for accomplishments in basketball and humanitarian work.